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At Sanazen you can test different massage chairs. If you are still unsure which version best suits your needs before buying a massage chair, a test makes sense. You can test various massage chairs, from Shiatsu armchairs to TV armchairs with stand-up support. We also have massage chairs with 3D measurement of the spine in our range. In addition, some massage chairs offer various extras such as leg rests or seat heating, which you can also test.
Test massage chairs and try out the different versions:
Massage chair with 3D measurementMassage chairs with airbagsTV armchair with stand-up aidShiatsu massage chairArmchair with different types of massageCoin operated massage chairFind the right massage chair and test our products. This gives you the necessary security that you are buying the right armchair. Depending on the requirements, we offer massage chairs in different designs. If you prefer particularly comfortable armchairs, you can test massage chairs at Sanazen, which offer a wide range of functions. These include the armchairs with airbags to massage the seat, back and calf area with an air cushion. For beginners, we also offer suitable armchairs that perform all common types of massage. If you want to test a TV armchair, you can also try this model at Sanazen.
Contact us if you want to test a massage chair at Sanazen. We offer the right opportunity to do this at numerous locations. This is how you can find the right armchair for your needs by trying it yourself.
Test massage chairs and get advice When you test our massage chairs, you will receive comprehensive advice from us. For each customer we have suitable massage chairs that offer different functions. These include armchairs with different types of massage such as Shiatsu massage. This traditional finger pressure massage is transmitted through the mechanics and the armchair enables rolling, tapping and kneading massages. Test these massage chairs and convince yourself of the Shiatsu relaxation chair. Massage chairs with various extras are also offered, which you can also test. The leg rests in particular are very popular for receiving reflexology. Depending on your needs, we offer the massage chair in the appropriate version.
Test massage chairs and take advantage of the benefits:
test various models and designs non-binding test comprehensive advice Try out high-quality armchairs You can try out the equipment by testing the massage chairs. This includes, for example, the back scan or the 3D measurement of the spine to enable an individual massage. The massage chair with airbags is also ideally suited for testing, as many customers have no experience with such products. The TV armchair with stand-up aid is also popular. Sanazen offers every customer the opportunity to test various massage chairs. This way you get the right impression of our high quality products and can order the right armchair for your needs.
Make an appointment with Sanazen so that you can test our massage chairs and find the right chair. You will receive expert advice from Sanazen.
Test, buy or lease massage chairs After testing the massage chairs, you have various options for purchasing our products. You can buy the massage chair on site or order it online. We also offer massage chair leasing and you pay low rates for high quality products. If you test the massage chairs at Sanazen, you are welcome to contact us about the leasing conditions. We also often have used massage chairs on offer, as our showroom regularly changes the presentation models. These massage chairs are cheap and offer the same quality as new goods. Simply test the various massage chairs with us before you decide on a particular model.
We also have suitable massage chairs for testing in the commercial sector. These include, above all, the coin-operated massage chairs. Such armchairs are used in a wide variety of places and have the same functions as other massage armchairs and relaxation armchairs. After inserting a coin, the massage program starts automatically and your customers or employees have a little wellness oasis with this product. From the Shiatsu massage chair to the armchair with spine measurement, you can test a wide variety of products with us.
Test the massage chairs from Sanazen and order the right chair for your purposes.

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